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How to Get Started

Player Studio Viewer Applications

  • Each Player Studio Viewer Application is distributed with its game. It's in a folder in your game installation directory. Whenever the viewer app changes, it is updated just like the game and by the same installer.
  • The PlanetSide 2 Player Studio Viewer Application is an exception. It is distributed by the PlanetSide 2 installer but it also requires a special package of high resolution PlanetSide 2 textures to function correctly. That package is approximately 200MB of compressed data and is therefore set up for download on demand separately. Extract the textures and save them into the \PlayerStudio folder inside your PlanetSide 2 installation directory.
  • The PlanetSide 2 high resolution textures can be found here: They are the property of Daybreak Games but you are authorized to use them for Player Studio submissions.

General Texture/UV guidelines

  • Please import every submission into the Player Studio Viewer App to review the likely appearance of your item in the designated game engine. After viewing it, you may decide your item needs modification.
  • There are separate versions of the Player Studio Viewer App for each game. Please review your submission in each applicable viewer.
  • Use the Player Studio Viewer App to prepare your submission bundle.
  • Please submit in .SOEPSX format generated by the Viewer App. This format will include your texture maps and geometry files, but not a screenshot.
  • Please submit a screenshot for each submission in .JPG or similar web graphic format.
  • Please update your screenshot if you update your submission.
  • Please name your screenshot to match your submission.
  • Do not paint in heavy shadowing. The normal map should expose the primary relief across surfaces.
  • Spec maps should generally convey more of a semi-gloss or matte look. Near white is used sparingly.
  • Mirrored UVs are acceptable and even encouraged for house items given the 1 material limit.
  • Please double-check that UVs are within 0-1 UV space before submission.